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We provide insightful analysis of energy industry trends,
commodity markets and individual company developments.
“...this was a terrific day.
Very smart investors, very engaged. Pound for pound, this was a greater quality of energy investors than we have seen with any other firm.”

Small Cap Refiner - Q1, 2008

Macro Energy Industry Trends
Frequent commentaries on trends in natural gas markets. Particular depth in analysis of U.S. natural gas industry. Analysis of coal industry covering price trends and impact of inventory-mining volume relationships.

Thorough analysis of variables affecting natural gas supply and demand with the objective of forecasting prices. Opinions on crude oil prices related to global capacity, interaction with U.S. dollar, asset class impact, and other variables. Analysis of coal prices as they are revealed in ongoing contracts and spot transactions.

Company Sectors
Consistent response to developments affecting a broad range of energy companies. Active communications relating to company-specific events. Inclusion of information on companies in periodic publications.

Management Access
Organization of meetings for investment managers with executives of individual energy companies. Conduit between investors and companies on specific issues.

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